Tips to Be a Great Entrepreneur


Wouldn’t it be great if someone who knows what they are talking about would just give you their top tips to becoming a great entrepreneur?  Well, this is your chance to hear from Brad Sugars, one who actually coaches others how to succeed. Take a look at his chat with Dale Beaumont and glean from his wisdom of years.

Brad Sugars is Chairman of Action International, currently the 16th fastest growing franchise in the World and World #1 Business Coaching Company.

What are your top tips for becoming a great entrepreneur?

  • Your jobs should be an apprenticeship for having your own business. You should endeavour to learn as much as you can from each job that you undertake in order to fuel the knowledge that you can use in your own business. By viewing your jobs in this way, you won’t get stuck in the rat-race rut like everyone else.
  • Knowledge growth equals profit growth. The more you invest in yourself and in seminars, books, tapes and CDs, the more you will know about producing positive cash flow in your business.
  • You must have a good business coach. When you have the advice of people who have already made the mistakes and proven successful, then you have a blueprint to help you avoid those mistakes.
  • Do the work once and get paid for it forever; that’s leverage.
  • Work harder, faster and longer than anyone else you know, do more, be more and make bigger opportunities for yourself. In other words, bite off more than you can chew and chew like crazy.
  • Test and measure everything. You cannot manage what you do not measure. When you measure things, make sure you have certain quality control levers in order to accurately see if you are staying on track.
  • There is a lot of advice in my books for aspiring entrepreneurs and I would recommend them to anyone who is serious.

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