We’re Turning 10 Years Young This Month

Given many small businesses don’t last more than two years, turning 10 is a huge reason for us to celebrate.

In 2009, Business Blueprint was founded with the goal to provide coaching to small to medium business owners, helping them to bring their business into the 21st century.

We have definitely achieved that goal, helping over 20,000 thousand people from Australia and New Zealand to change their lives for the better.

With our help, entrepreneurs, startup founders and established business owners have been able to:

  • Learn the shortcuts to reach more customers
  • Ramp up their sales like never before
  • Scale their business and discover new opportunities
  • Form partnerships for easier wins
  • Leverage social media and online tools for greater efficiency
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • Find more hours in their week to spend with family
  • Enjoy better profits and more financial security

It has been an honour to celebrate the amazing wins of our clients, which have included publishing best-selling books, opening new businesses across the country, stepping away from their daily workload to enjoy more free time and even selling their company for multiple millions of dollars.

Along the way, we have also been privileged to get to know thousands of motivated, inspiring business owners. There are so many wonderful people we now call friends and there is always room for more.

Beyond Business

Over the years, we have learned a lot too!

While our mission has always been to help business owners, we also realised that giving back in other ways was an essential goal for us.

This is why we joined forces with the charity Hands Across the Water in 2012. Each and every year we have opened the opportunity to help too. By taking part in an annual charity bike ride since 2012, we have been able to raise over $2 Million!

This money has gone directly to orphaned children living in Thailand and is the achievement we are most proud of.

Beyond Borders

Business Blueprint is open to members from Australia and New Zealand. However, we have had calls from people as far away as Germany, the UK and the United States. They have requested our help because they have felt stuck and overwhelmed, just like the business owners we meet here at home. Some have even joined the community from afar.

It’s not possible for us to be all over the world at once. To help people in far-flung corners of the globe, we created a purpose-built TV studio and started making unique content.

This content was cleverly integrated into the Bizversity app, which is now available to anyone who has a smartphone. We are always working on new content to share with business owners from around the globe.

Knowledge-thirsty business owners can also dive into the Secrets Exposed series of books, which cover the stories of dozens of successful business owners, sharing their stories and secrets to growing a profitable business or property portfolio.

First published in 2005, this series was a best-seller. We’re still publishing 14 years later with three new titles, which are currently available to order or download.

Beyond Business Blueprint

So, what’s next?

You’ll be pleased to know Business Blueprint is going strong. With so many dedicated members and more knocking on the door each month, we’d be crazy to pull back. Plus, we still can’t get enough of meeting our original goal to help business owners.

But the niggling ‘beyond borders’ question has been bothering us for a while. The fact is, we can’t deliver personal support to people in every state of Australia, let alone the world.

This is why we have launched the [email protected] event. As well as helping entrepreneurs directly, Dale is now sharing his knowledge with other business coaches, creating not just more students, but more teachers.

Dale hosted his first [email protected] workshop in October 2019, with more to come in 2020.

To find out more, visit https://coachatscale.com

Beyond Gratitude

Ten years in, the thing we want to say most is THANK YOU.

Every business is only as good as its clients and without the endless support of our members, there is no way we would have achieved so much over the past decade.

We are looking forward to seeing members past and present at our 10th Anniversary Bash on November 9th to celebrate everything we have achieved together.

Here’s to the next ten years of your success and ours!

If you want to jump on board for the next 10 years of business adventure, check out 52 Ways, our free 1 Day event that will get you started on the path to success.


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