What’s Your Sensitivity Quotient?

What are you doing to go above and beyond for your customers?

Most people work on improving their intelligence and emotional quotients. But what are you doing to improve your sensitivity quotient as a business owner?

Having a high sensitivity quotient means seeing things with your heart, adding value and taking actions that positively impact the people around you.

Elim Chew is the Founder of 77th Street, an iconic streetwear retail fashion chain in Singapore as well as a mentor for many young aspiring entrepreneurs.

This short clip was taken from our annual overseas conference in Singapore where Elim shares the importance of raising a generation of children with a high sensitivity quotient.

But make no mistake, developing a higher SQ is not just a generational issue. This is something that all businesses need to learn and work on.

Watch the video below:

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I was sitting there eating and drinking and suddenly these flies came around. Then I went up to the waiter and said, “Can you get rid of the flies? Or can you kill the flies?”

They were sitting there and can you imagine they were servers, right? They were sitting there. They looked at me and said, “But we don’t know how to do it.” I said, “Yes, but you have that!” There’s this thing where you can electrify flies. The one that looks like a tennis racket. You can just hit it and can get rid of the flies. They said, “Yes, but it has no battery.” I said, “Do you know that just across the road there’s a 7/11 shop where you can get the batteries from? You can just buy it, change it and use it.”

But you know they don’t have that sensitivity quotient (SQ) to go the extra step and I have to share it with them. Today, all of our young people are growing up with their headphones. They have become insensitive to the things around them. This is something we need to train our young people.

I love watching kids being here because all of you are going to interact with them. They will learn from you and create a change. Go into TEDx NTU and see sensitivity quotient (SQ).

You can also ask yourself, what are the examples you can use to train your staff to be sensitive and provide the best service above and beyond for your customers?

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