Why Negative Self-talk Is Always Right (And What To Do About It)

Here are some things I hear from business owners, which drive me crazy!

“That won’t work for me”

“I’m too young to do that”

“I’m too old to start making changes now”

“I’m not good at technology so I can’t make that happen”

The above are what I refer to as ‘success blockers’. These stem from negative self-talk which business owners who are stuck in a cycle of doubt find running through their heads on a daily basis.

How to Overcome Negative Self-talk

Having worked with over 50,000 business owners and helped many of them turn themselves into multi-millionaires, it can be so frustrating to hear new clients who don’t believe they can reach the same heights.

These business owners are stuck on a hamster wheel of hard work and they’re not seeing any results for their efforts. But despite this, when the opportunity to make change comes along, they let negativity and fear get in the way.

If you are allowing excuses to stand in the way of true success, here are some facts to give you a jump-start to move past them.

  1. Your knowledge is not fixed at any age
  2. You can change your life at any time
  3. If you want to make money, you can’t make excuses

Instead of sitting around letting negative self-talk keep your progress in neutral, here are some tips to change your mindset and start focusing on success:

Change your perspective

Instead of constantly thinking “I can’t do that…”, start thinking “How can I do that?”

If you feel you are ‘too old’ for technology, sign up for a course or outsource the work to someone who understands it in detail. There is nothing scary about technology and in fact, it can make life 100 times easier and more productive… believe me!

If you think a marketing strategy, systems update or sales method which has worked for hundreds of others won’t work for your business, look for the things that will. Or just give it a try! At worst, you have invested a couple of hundred dollars which haven’t paid off. At best, you could find hundreds of new customers beating down your door.

Set goals

Many business owners who fail to realise their business’s true potential don’t have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. They roll on, year in, year out, often leaving their business results up to chance.

Your goals can be small and easy to achieve, but make sure you write them down so you have something to work towards.

Once that goal is in writing, hold yourself accountable and come up with ways to achieve it.

But what if you don’t achieve your goal?

There’s that success-blocking negative self-talk again!

Let’s say you decide to raise profits by just 10 percent this quarter. To do so, you implement a low-cost Facebook remarketing campaign, reminding people who have already shown an interest in your product to come back to your website.

At the end of the quarter, you have only achieved a seven per cent lift in sales.

Is that really a failure? It’s certainly better than where you were twelve weeks ago. And now you can build on your strategy and keep moving.

Find your WHY

When negativity overwhelms you, it helps to remember why you are running your small business in the first place. It may be to support your family and give them the best opportunities, or it may be because you have an overwhelming desire to make a difference in the world.

Think of your ‘why’ when negativity is holding you back. Unless you take action, you’ll never produce the results and deliver on the promises you have made yourself.

Get the right support

Everybody experiences negative self-talk, especially entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries and trying to achieve things that are beyond ordinary.

To overcome those horrible messages going through your mind, gather a team of cheerleaders around you. Find people who can give you the right advice, motivate you to do more and empower you to reach your potential as a business owner. These helpers won’t let you talk yourself out of things because of fear or lack of confidence, and you can do the same for them.

With the right knowledge and education ANYBODY CAN DO IT. As well as being on my own continuous journey of discovery, I have helped thousands of business owners to break free from the everyday and achieve incredible things.

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