Why You Need A Business Coach

As a young kid, I was full of energy. Not knowing what else to do with me, Mum enrolled me in gymnastics when I was six years old.

This was to shape the rest of my youth, and perhaps the rest of my life. With the help of my coach, I was able to reach great heights in gymnastics, competing at the top level before retiring at age 18.

Having always been influenced by a senior figure, it made sense to me to seek out a coach to help me with my next set of goals. As I carved out a new path as a business owner, I surrounded myself with people who have been there and done that.

So many business owners fail because they don’t know what they’re doing! This leads to big mistakes which are often unnecessary.

Why You Need A Business Coach

Behind every championship trophy is a spectacular sports team, and behind every spectacular sports team is a dedicated coach.

Whether San Antonio Spurs or the Socceroos, your favourite teams play at an elite level because of an experienced mentor with excellent foresight. A coach does more than just yell from sides and display a sea of facial expressions. They pull the team together and determine the group’s direction.

Think of business as being like sport. You could be a one-man team or part of a much bigger group. To win, you need the right formula. But how do you know what formula is going to work out of the endless possible combinations?

You can spend a lot of time giving it your best shot but getting it wrong because you don’t understand how to make those tricky moves, or you can call in an expert who will show you how to build on your strengths and outwit the competition.

Remember, it takes money to start a business, but it takes wisdom to keep it going.

What Your Business Coach Will Teach You

As budding entrepreneurs, we can become so fixated on some elements that we forget about all the other elements which make a business work. Your sales may be fine, but are your staff productive? Your products may be top notch, but are you generating a steady flow of customers?

A business coach will help you ask the most urgent questions at the right time, and show you how to answer them.

Your business coach can help you:

  • Find the right staff and encourage a healthy working environment
  • Boost your sales methodology to suit your business and your products
  • Set up systems and processes which will help get you ‘off the tools’
  • Establish the right marketing tactics
  • Learn to measure customer satisfaction
  • Make the most of social media advertising

Your coach will hold you accountable and will keep you motivated to push your business to the next level.

How To Choose The Right Business Coach

First and foremost, your business coach must be experienced. Find someone who has built, sold, and lived through running a business for years on end, not just someone who has a massive following on social media.

When seeking a business coach, find some testimonials and talk to others who have worked with them or completed their program. If they confirm they have experienced the growth they were looking for, you should be on the right track.

Talk to your coach about what you want to achieve. They should be able to demonstrate clear strategies to help you achieve it, rather than simply promising to boost your business without saying how they will do it.

Alternatives To A Business Coach

A one-on-one business coach can take a large chunk out of your business funds. They are definitely worth the cost but if you can’t afford the hourly rate, there are other ways to achieve similar benefits.

Instead of having a personal coach, join a business coaching group. By attending regular conferences and online workshops, you’ll be learning for less. You also have the opportunity to liaise with other business owners to learn from them and hold yourself accountable.

Beyond this, devour every source of information you can find! Read books and download apps which can help you on your business owning journey. Look for a mix of practical and motivational information to drive your business to success.

As I mentioned, a personal business coach can cost thousands of dollars an hour. This is worth the expense (return on investment can be phenomenal, particularly if a few tweaks allow your business to take off), but it can be hard to come up with the money upfront. The good news is you can access a rapid-fire succession of incredible business coach tips, for FREE, at one of my upcoming one-day business workshops. Book now at 52ways.com.

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