Why You Need a Personal Website

If you Google yourself, what comes up? Is it a series of sporting results from your old soccer club? An article in the local paper from several years ago?

If you run a business, this isn’t going to cut it. It is important to have a personal website to establish yourself as a brand and make yourself easy to find online.

As businesspeople, we’re often too invested in our logistics and sales that we forget the importance of building our primary brand — ourselves. For us to make meaningful sales, we have to make sure people know why we pursue what we do.

Having your own website establishes your online identity and builds credibility. It also helps you control what comes up in those Google search results.

Why You Need A Personal Website

As a business owner, whether you like it or not, you are tied to your brand, particularly in the early days.

Creative entrepreneurs often have an energy that makes others want to hear about what we think and why it matters.

A website is your brand’s digital home. A personal website creates a central place for you to promote your personal brand. We have incredible personalities, am I right?? Our websites should let the world know.

What’s more, having a personal website will give you control over what people see when they Google your name. No more ordinary sports results! Your customers get a shortcut to forming an emotional connection with you.

What Your Personal Website Should Include

A personal website needs to have a brief bio of you. As an entrepreneur, not every detail is important! Share your industry experience and explain a little about what drives you to run your current business. Include links to your business website, contact information, and links to your social media accounts. You can add some personal info about where you live, your family and your hobbies at the end of your bio.

Including a photo of you smiling and looking at the camera. This shares an instant message that you are open and trustworthy.

Remember that your target is to build credibility, and not to share your life story. Keep your writing to short paragraphs and don’t forget to talk about HOW YOU HELP PEOPLE.

How To Build Your Personal Website

For starters, Wix.com is a remarkable website-development platform that’s easy to use. Creating an account is as easy as signing up for Facebook. Once you have signed in, add photos, texts, and articles, and customise your site the way you want.

Wix has about 500 themes you can choose from and you can add a range of functions. It is free to start off with but will cost you when you want to personalise your URL.

WordPress.com operates more or less in the same respect. You sign up, then publish content through multiple tabs and pages.

While WordPress and Wix are great, to be honest, it can be a little tricky to come up with a result which doesn’t look obviously ‘handmade’, especially if you aren’t tech savvy.

About.me is a more viable option for someone who is just getting started and wants to create the right impression with a fast and easy personal website. This platform gives your customers a preview of who you are and why you matter. Unlike Wix and WordPress, about.me only allows you one page with your bio and links to your social media. Consider this a one-page online resume, minus all the dates and bullet points.

When you have set up your about.me page, you can go on to bigger and better website projects, allocating budget to make sure the job is done right.

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