Wow, What a Year!

Who can believe we are on the FINAL COUNTDOWN to 2019??

I hope you have had as busy and fruitful a year as we have here at Business Blueprint. For us, the past twelve months have been a whirlwind of events and new faces. Here are just some of the things we have been up to:

Travelled to over 25 cities around Australia and New Zealand

We made it to Perth, the Gold Coast, Auckland, Melbourne and loads of other places more than once, plus we ventured down to Hobart for the first time, where we met dozens of excited entrepreneurs to share an incredible 52 Ways to change their business for the better.

During our travels, we reached out to thousands of business owners, blowing them away with our helpful and informative tips and best practices. And you know what? No business owner paid even a single cent to come along.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they have their ‘lightbulb’ moment and realise how even one of the 52 Ways has the potential to boost their profits almost overnight.

Welcomed hundreds of new members to the Business Blueprint family

After they attend 52 Ways, many business owners come to us saying they want to find out more about increasing their profits without working longer hours. They know their business has the potential to change but they really need the right support to make things happen.

Some of these business owners are lucky enough to apply and be accepted as Business Blueprint members. This means they have access to their own business coach, and they can attend four annual conferences which lift the lid on practical ways to improve the way they run their organisation. They will also benefit from the support of a huge community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

That’s not to mention the HOURS upon HOURS of free tutorials and video content that being a Business Blueprint member provides access to.

Not everyone who applies to become a Business Blueprint member is right for the program, and unfortunately, numbers are limited. To find out more about how you can join, visit

Published three books

Ten years ago, I created a series of books called Secrets Exposed. These quickly became best-sellers as they lifted the lid on how successful business owners had grown their companies and their wealth.

A lot has changed since then! When I first published Secrets Exposed, Facebook and iPhones were only just hitting the market. At that stage, digital marketing was a lot more limited and a great deal of the software we rely on today was yet to come into existence.

This is why I decided to revisit Secrets Exposed in 2018. The first book (and the 17th in the series), Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed, was released mid-year. Secrets of Business Experts Exposed and Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed were soon to follow.

Putting these books together is a huge amount of work but it is so exciting to bring together the advice of successful people. The stories you will read about in these books don’t all come from household names but from individuals who have achieved incredible things by putting in the hard yards and always learning.

Hit the Big Apple

In 2017, I promised my team a trip to New York City if we hit our targets. And we smashed them out of the park!

Heading to New York as a group was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. We were able to reward ourselves for a job well done, create memories as a team and find the inspiration to achieve even more over the coming months. To find out more about this adventure, take a look at this blog post.

There’s no denying 2018 was a big year, but we’re not ready to slow down. 2019 is gonna be all kinds of BIG.

We’ll be taking 52 Ways to even more cities, letting EVEN MORE business owners in on the secrets to taking control of their business FOR GOOD, and towards the end of the year, we have some really exciting stuff coming up for our great big TENTH ANNIVERSARY.

I want to say Happy New Year and a huge thanks to you for being part of our journey in 2018. Here’s to a healthy, wealthy and wise 2019.

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